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Information From Families 

What would you tell someone who has never been to Barb Food Mart?


Responses from Families

It's a wonderful service to have in our area. The volunteers are friendly and the drive up system is nice and easy.

Yo le diría que se lo recomiendo totalmente, que vaya a recibir la ayuda de comida que ofrecen que es muy buena opción en este tiempo. (I would tell you that I totally recommend it, that you go to receive the help of food that they offer, which is a very good option at this time.)

Allow enough time for pickup as there can be a long wait but its worth it. Also, register ahead of time to be able to select some foods.

Que selo recomiendo muy buena variedad de productos. 

(I recommend it to you, a very good variety of products.)

It's very easy and helpful

Efficiently run and very friendly and courteous people!

What would you tell someone who was nervous about coming to Barb Food Mart? 


Responses from Families

Que no tiene porqué estar nervioso que es algo muy fácil y la gente es muy amable. (You do not have to be nervous that it is something very easy and the people are very friendly.)

Everyone needs help now and then. When your situations changes, you can volunteer.


Everyone is helpful and friendly. Just follow the cars in the carline!

No need. Just pull up and everything is loaded. 

It’s safe, there’s nothing to worry or be embarrassed about. 

It’s okay a lot of people go there.

The drive is very well organized and safe.

Nothing to be worried about! Process is simple! 

How would you describe the food you get from Barb Food Mart to a new family?


Responses from Families

Just like going shopping at the stores.

Lots of variety. Online ordering lets you chose some of the items you get. Sometimes there other things included besides food...laundry soap, hand sanitizer, wipes, masks, light bulbs. You never know what surprises you might get.

Wonderful!! Great items and produce 

De muy buena ayuda (Very good help)

Its amazing. Its a large variety and great quality food including fresh produce. 

La comida es muy buena y trae mucha variedad.  (The food is very good and brings a lot of variety.)

We get staple food items for every meal! We also get treats which can really be a treat! Produce varies and is usable. Its not all store brand or unwanted stuff. 

Great variety nutritious and easy to work into any menu. 

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