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Each week we offer online ordering with drive thru and walk up pick up options.  We typically have fresh, frozen and pantry staples.  We offer hygiene and household items as often as we can.  

To order online first register using the button at the top of the page.  You will be assigned a unique order number that is yours to use all year long.  Online orders open Mondays at 10am and stay open until we reach capacity.  We are able to pack and process 200 orders each week. 

No order?  No problem!  You can still use Barb Food Mart.  Park in the lot on Taylor and walk around to door #9.  We will have many of the same fresh and frozen items available with a limited indoor shopping area. 

What to Expect 

We know asking for help can be hard,

please reach out if you have questions that are not covered below. 


How do I qualify for Barb Food Mart?

Our only requirement is that you have a student in the DeKalb School District, D428. 


Please register using the orange button at the top of the page.  You will be asked to enter your information as well as your child's name and school and verification of school enrollment.  If you aren't able to register online you can call your school secretary.  They will be able to register you as well.   Questions?   Please call, text or email our team.


What do I do when I get to Barb Food Mart?

If you have placed an online order, enter the curbside pickup line on Garden Street at your scheduled pickup time. Emptying your trunk helps us move quickly.  If you are not able to empty your trunk please indicate to the volunteers where you would like the groceries loaded (front seat, back seat, etc) Everyone should stay in the vehicle while in the pickup line, if you do need to get out of the car please park and then walk back to the pantry.

If you chose the walk up option or did not place an online order, park in the Taylor Street parking lot and follow the signs to door number 9.  Come inside to check in and we will prepare your wagon.  You can also use our limited indoor shopping area to select additional items for your family. 


Do I need ID?  Medical card? 

Right now we are not checking ID, simply register online.  When you arrive please give us your first name.  


We will never ask you for a medical card or proof of income.  Barb Food Mart is open to ALL families in the DeKalb School District. 


Can I order online? What kinds of food will I get? 

Every Monday at 10am we open our online order form.  You can always find the form at the top of this page.  You can choose from any items that we will have available that week. and let us know about any food restrictions as well as personal items you might need. 

You DO NOT need to order online.  You can always come to the walk up area at door #9.  There you will be able to shop from our limited indoor area and will recieve the same fresh/frozen items as other families. 


Do you have diapers?

We try to stock a variety of personal care items, including toilet paper and soap.  Sometimes we are able to get a limited amount of diapers.  If you are in need of any of these items please put that information on your order form.  The more specific you are the better chance we have of finding an item to meet your needs!  


What if I can't make it?  Can someone pick up for me? Can two families come in the same car?

Yes!  You may send someone to pick up for you, please make sure you are registered online.   They will need to give your first and last name.  It's also helpful if they have your order number. 

Two families can come in the same car.  Just register ahead of time and we will be happy to load the car for both families.  Please keep in mind you will be getting a box and a few bags so we will need extra room to load! 


Do I have to come every week?

Once you are registered you can come as often as your family needs.  Some families come every week, some come less often.  That is up to you!


Is Barb Food Mart open all year?  What about summers?

Barb Food Mart is open year round.  We close for 4th of July, Thanksgiving, 2 weeks at Winter Break and Spring Break. 

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